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Family Reunion 2019- New Orleans

Every year Keller Williams holds our HUGE National Convention. This year it was held in New Orleans, LA. Over 80,000 agents from around the world attended this amazing convention. We were proud to be there and a part of this historic meeting. 

You may be asking yourself, why do I care? Great question. 

You always hear me say how “hyper-local” real estate is and that is VERY true!!! That being said it is also very important to understand how the national and even international real estate market is doing and how those trends affect our local market. That is just one of the important pieces of market knowledge we get by attending. We are also trained on changes that are coming to the real estate market and how we can use these new tools and systems to best serve our clients. We connect with agents around the nation and even the world so that we have the relationships to help guide our clients when they are relocating or have properties to sell in other states. We drill down into important topics like iBuyers and Fiduciary in order to protect and advise our clients to meeting their real estate goals. For all those reasons and many more, it is always a privilege to gather together with like-minded agents and admins and “sharpen our saws” for the sake of our clients. 

Just for fun, I thought I’d also give you the “Alternative” (or fun) reasons, WITH PICTURES, that we enjoyed Keller Williams’ Family Reunion National Convention.

1. Beignets are the best donuts around and you really haven’t tried one until you get to Cafe Du Monde!

2. The Ghost Tours are more fun than you could ever imagine. The history and legends are incredibly colorful!

3. The old churches are amazing. I’m curious what you see, floating Jesus or a giraffe head? Once you see it you can’t unsee it!

4. I “mustache” you if you are with Gary too! Gary Keller is one of the co-founders of Keller Williams and we would hasten to say the guru of real estate. He has now built the largest, most celebrated real estate company in the world. We are proud to be a part of it!

5. One of the reasons we are a part of Keller Williams is the WI4C2TSs of the company. Check out this photo to understand the values that the Living 48 Real Estate Team and Keller Williams Realty are founded on!

6. The opportunity to connect with family from the other side of the country and exchange ideas and talk shop! So much fun to connect with our cousin!

7. The parades, the beads, the flowers! Just too much fun!

8. Strengthening bonds with other agents in the office so that we have even more collaboration and coverage in our own local businesses. Love my fellow KWEV agents!
9. Awards! Yep, we achieved a production award again this year! Thank you to all our friends and clients who trusted us enough to work with us! This award is all thanks to you!!!

10. The TOP reason to go to KW Family Reunion….. To get to hang out with my daughter Katelyn, who just so happens to be the best marketing admin/client experience director out there!

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into our adventures this last week and watch for more coming to you soon! The market is great and real estate is one of the most exciting industries on the planet right now! As always, if you have ANY real estate related questions or needs, please call me first! I’m always here to be your Real Estate Resource!