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Katie Receives Special Divorce Designation

Buying and selling a home under the best of circumstances can be a challenge.  So what do you do when a normally emotionally charged transaction becomes even more heightened by adding in the devastating process of going through a divorce.  When this happens, it is time to call in the specialists.

Real Estate Agents, Lenders and other Financial Professionals can now earn the RCS-D designation (Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce) to assist those clients navigating through this difficult time to make the best possible decisions about what to do with the house.  Agents with the RCS-D designation are committed to helping clients with three main things during their decision making process.

The first commitment of an RCS-D Agent is to help clients protect their credit scores.  Many divorcing clients find out far too late that their credit scores have been decimated by not understanding the effects that certain decisions they make around what to do with the house during this difficult time.  An RCS-D designated agent is a resource to both parties to understand how their decisions around the marital home can affect their credit scores either positively or negatively.

The second commitment of an RCS-D Agent is to help clients preserve their home ownership eligibility.  Whether you are a spouse who wants to keep the marital home or you are a spouse who wants to get out of the marital home, you need to protect your ability to purchase in the future.  By working as a team with other financial professionals, an RCS-D agent can help the spouses understand what their options are and how to best protect their ability to purchase a new home or refinance to maintain the current home for the long term.

The third commitment of an RCS-D Agent is that should the divorcing parties decide to sell the house, we will provide both sides of the transaction a fair and compassionate selling experience.  Everyone wants to be looked out for and as a real estate professional, we commit to providing the highest levels of fiduciary to all parties involved. Communication is of the utmost importance during any transaction and the special abilities to communicate with all parties during a separation of assets is another trait that sets an RCS-D Agent apart from others.

Who does an RCS-D Agent work with?  RCS-D Agents are trained to work with Family Law Attorneys and Mediators, Financial Professionals helping families during times of divorce and the divorcing clients directly.  The RCS-D Agent can do the most good for all sets of people if we can get involved BEFORE the case goes into mediation before the judge. For attorneys, we have the ability to help fill critical holes in the case file that are caused by the appraisal.  For financial professionals, we help prepare the Marital Balance Sheet. And for the divorcing individuals, we help them gather the information they need to make an informed decision on whether to keep the house or not.

As with any asset of this value, it is important to understand all the variables that affect the value and the options that the clients have.  RCS-D Agents are here to assist with the “house homework” that helps the homeowners feel confident in their decisions moving forward from this challenging time of their lives.  An RCS-D Agent wants their clients to keep their house for All the Right Reasons™ by knowing what they owe, knowing what they own, and knowing what they are getting stuck with. Once the clients are aware of the risks and they are comfortable with the risks we are there to support them keeping the house, BUT if they aren’t then we are there to help them in making the best decisions on what to do next.  It is our responsibility to prevent FINANCIAL DOOM for the families we serve.


Arizona Real Estate Agent, Katie Evans, recently was awarded the RCS-D (Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce) designation.  Real Estate Agents who receive the RCS-D designation have completed additional training to prepare them to work directly with Family Law Attorneys and Mediators, Financial Professionals helping divorcing clients and the divorcing clients directly.  The RCS-D Agent’s responsibility is to help the parties of a divorce discover their options and the consequences of the potential choices around their real estate assets.

Katie Evans has been in residential real estate since early 2012.  In 2019, Katie added this special designation to her resume. After a personal experience with some friends who were going through a divorce, she felt the need to expand her real estate expertise to help those struggling with this difficult decision.  With the recognition that those divorcing individuals have special needs and requirements; Katie wanted to answer that call to fulfill those needs. With a track record of success for her clients and her systematic approach to real estate, she is prepared to help attorney’s fill critical holes in their case files caused by the appraisal, financial professionals complete the Marital Balance Sheet and the divorcing parties make informed decisions about their real estate assets.  

We applaud Katie for her efforts in her effort to serve those in our community in this difficult time of their lives.  To contact Katie with any of your real estate questions, please reach out to her at 480-415-1341 (c) or email her at  She expresses her desire to be a resource to all those who have real estate related questions or needs and looks forward to serving you.